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Create a Website

> Navigating the Dreamweaver Interface / Dash

> CSS rule definition and div tags Explained

> Playing with div-tags and CSS rule definition

> Define a local root folder in Dreamweaver

> Inserting divs-tag's and Cascading Style sheets (CSS)

> Editing our website header-logo using CSS

> How to Create a Home Page With Website Template

> Playing with Tables and CSS in Dreamweaver

> Twitter Widget for your website

Dreamweaver Spry Horizontal Navigation Menu Bar

> How to Add a Navigation Menu Bar to Your Website

> How to Customize your Spry Navigation Menu Bar

Creating a contact page and PHPScript (Download here)

> Creating a Contact Form 1 of 2

> Creating a Contact Form 2 of 2

> PHP Script for Contact page 1 of 4 {Hand Coding}

> PHP Script for Contact page 2 of 4 {Hand Coding}

> PHP Script for Contact page 3 of 4 {Hand Coding}

> PHP Script for Contact page 4 of 4 {Hand Coding}

> Contact form PHP Script {Quick Method}

> Contact Page Form Validation

Create a Hit Counter - Page Views

> Hit Counter - Page Views PHP Script Part 1 of 2

> Hit Counter - Page Views PHP Script Part 2 of 2

Sitemaps and News Sitemaps

> Create a Sitemap for your Website

> Create a newssitemap.xml Part 1 of 2

> Create a newssitemap.xml Part 2 of 2

Other Dreamweaver Tutorials

> Create an Anchor Link

> Embed a Video file or You Tube Video to your Website

> Generate and Place Google Ads

> Insert a Spry Collapsible Panel

> Floating Div Tags in Dreamweaver

> Image Mapper

> Excel Table Spreadsheet to Dreamweaver

> Create an Email Link for Contact

> Drop Down Spry Menu Navigation Bar

> ID and Class Div Tags Explained

> Create an RSS Feed

Create a Website (Other Tutorial)

> Navigating the Dash-Interface - The Basics

> Div tags and CSS rule definition explained

> Create a site root folder

> Creating our site 2

> Inserting div tags / CSS definition 3

> Creating our site 4 {Linking}

> Creating our site 5 {Template}

> Creating our site 6 {Inserting our Favicon}

> Creating our site 7 {adding meta Keywords}

> Optimizing our site {SEO}

> HTML Validation

> HTML Tidy

> Creating our site 8 {Upload to the Web}

> Submit your site to Search Engines



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What are Tutorials ?

A tutorial is a document or video (also called a screencast) that shows you how to do something.

A tutorial is one method of transferring knowledge and may be used as a part of learning. More interactive and specific than a book or a lecture; a tutorial seeks to teach by example and supply the information to complete a certain task.

This tutorial provides a fast introduction to the Applications user interface(In the case of computer software tutorials). It will be of particular interest to new Application users, but it provides information that experienced users may be unfamiliar with.

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