The Passage

You are a young man trying to earn your place in your tribe. Your task is to run and jump your way across a giant flying beast to slay it. This flying bone whale, as the locals have called it, will be twisting and turning trying to throw you off and slow you down. The faster you get to the end of the whale and stab the beating heart of the beast, the better your standing in the tribe will be.

Other Games

The installation files for games are often in an archive format like ".ZIP" to reduce file size and make it easier for you to download the file from the game website. You won't be able to actually install your game until you "unzip" the file so that you can use the installation file inside. Use archive software to accomplish this.

1 Download archive software like WinRAR or WinZip. Open the installation file once it downloads.

2 Click "Next" through each part of installation.

3 Double-click on your .ZIP file.The program should automatically open the ZIP archive and "unzip" it.

You should now see the files inside of your ZIP archive.

One of them should be your installation file. It will likely be a .EXE.

4 Double-click on the installation file to begin installing your game.

studio: 2 Hours Out

team: Flying Shark

Style: Action


Jonathan Caro

Justin Forman

Pablo Leon

Anthony Mesa

Richard Nelson

Michael Schoell

Dan Avella

Frank Mercurio

Tom Vignola


The game idea is that you are a teen in a tribal culture, on an alien world and you are about to take part in the tribes traditional rite of passage ceremony. This ceremony involves a race on top of the back of a massive flying beast, a Bone Whale. The ceremony will have the boys try to get the fastest time of tribal history, in defeating one of these creatures, by stabbing it in its weak spot at the top of its neck. This creature will be soaring in the air and performing various aerial maneuvers that the racer will have to cope with. The racer will experience a normal foot race and then the beast will give out a call and start to fly sideways, forcing the player to platform around on top of walls he was previously moving around. The Bone Whale will also have the ability to ascend further into the air, causing the racer to climb and cling to the creature so that he can make it to the end. The game will also allow players to compete against their friends to be the first to the finish point and take down the Bone Whale. Racer/Platformer


Start from the tail of a giant beast and reach its head to kill it, while trying to avoid obstacles and gain a record breaking time.

Vision Statement

The final five months of three Full Sail University degree programs are dominated by the implementation of a highly demanding Final Project. The objectives of this Final Project are for the Final Project Team to create a game that meets the requirements set forth by the Game Requirements Checklist (GRC), to complete it in a five month period, and to gain valuable real world experience. For Internal Producers, the role filled by candidates for the Game Design Master of Science (GDMS) degree, an additional objective is to learn how to manage a team. Game Development Bachelor of Science (GDBS) students act as the programmers for the game. Game Art Bachelor of Science (GABS) students provide the art. GP Games, Full Sail University's in-house games studio, is the body in charge of Final Project. During Final Project, the staff of GP Games takes the role of External Producers (EPs), and they use their industry experience to guide the team of Internal Producers (IPs), artists and developers into meeting the necessary requirements to present a video game worthy of Full Sail's reputation.


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