Neo Slash

Run as fast as you can to get out of the city. On the way you will face obstacles, monsters and enemies. Do your best to get out of the city before it is too late.

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studio: APT Studio

team: Shining Star

genre: Action


T. William Simon

Ben Grater

Pedro Bonillia

Edwin Chavarria

Jason Forsten

Andrew McClelland

Victor Rivera-Soto

Zach Weber

Amrail Bal

David Smith


NeoTokyo is under attack by the Neo Army. Izumi is a Parkour master trying to flee the city by running along rooftops. While fleeing there are enemies and obstacles that are constantly trying to stop Izumi. These enemies attack, shoot and block the path making it difficult to proceed. Izumi can defeat and overcome these difficulties through the using of slashing, jumping and sliding. She can also run at incredible speeds allowing her to run up building walls. Throughout most of the game there will be two views designated by the level design. The first view introduced to the player is a side scroll camera view, further referred to as Side View. This view will be used when the player is running and jumping along rooftops. Our second view is a 3rd person over the shoulder camera view, which we label as Chase View. During this view the player will be running up building walls.


The main goal of the game is to escape the city alive. To get out of the city the player must avoid/destroy enemies along their path. Then they must defeat the boss who will not allow the player to escape. Slash, jumping, sliding, strafing. Scoring will be a sub goal. Speed of completion will help in determining score. Killing enemies will give points calculated by a speed multiplier. Avoiding obstacles will also give points. The faster the level is completed the more points you will receive in the end.

Vision Statement

We the members of Shining Star are committed to the objective of creating a fun and well-polished game project. This objective will be accomplished through cooperative teamwork, maintaining realistic project scope, and free opportunity for every member to share ideas and constructive criticism in an open-minded environment. The team is committed to fully completing each milestone, and all its associated work, with time to spare while maintaining a balanced work schedule that allows the team to meet milestones and avoid burn-out.


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