King's Toll

Kings Toll is a third-person hack and slash where you play as King Ragnar. The overall goal of the game is to kill the Dragon Queen in the final area. The player must impale enemy dragon whelps onto his/her weapon and then throw them at environmental objects and other enemies in order to progress through the game.

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studio: 2 Hours Out

team: Play For Keeps

Style: Brawler


Alejandro Montiel

Danielle Winkler

Sean Fowler

Sam Mathis

Aaron McDonald

Xiaodong Weng

Shane Ganoe

Jim Wickman

Casey Hardin


Kings Toll is part of the hack and slash genre, similar to titles such as God of War and Dantes Inferno. Take the roll of King Ragnar and defend your kingdom against a great dragon queen and her brood that has taken residence inside of your kingdoms most sacred temple. Use combinations of light and heavy attacks chained together to defeat enemies and then impale their bodies to throw at their kin. Clear each level of The Temple of the Dragon Queens brood and finally defeat the monstrous Dragon Queen herself at The Temples highest


The main goal of Kings Toll is to defeat the Dragon Queen that has taken residence in The Temple.

Vision Statement

The aim of Play for Keeps is to produce an entertaining and technically sound PC video game of high quality that meets the GRC guidelines within the permitted five-month production cycle. During the production cycle the team will gain a first-hand experience at video game production. Programmers and artists will be given a chance to carry out specifically assigned tasks based on their interest in technologies, personal strengths and the skills they have acquired during their higher education at Full Sail University. The artists desire to create a game that is visually appealing and that has a distinct and consistent aesthetic. Programmers have, as their goal, a game that runs fluidly and doesnt crash, skip or lag. Both artists and programmers aim to create a game world filled with assets that do not clip or pass through each other. Producers want to allow the artists and programmers to work to their fullest potential, with as little interference as possible. They also want to make sure that the schedule and scope of the game is kept organized and updated so that the team may complete the game on time. Additionally the producers must be aware of the risks that threaten the completion of final project and keep the team on task and motivated. At the end of the Final Project the entire team should have a better understanding of how to work efficiently as a team and be able to get along with other team members with similar and different academic disciplines and personalities.


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