Realm of Fallen Lords

Realm of Fallen Lords is a furiously paced hack-n-slash battle between two rival champions of war, Helix and Vorros. Choose your side and determine your own play style, utilizing a combination of melee, magic, and defensive capabilities to achieve ultimate domination over the enemy and their endless horde of minions.

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studio: APT Studio

team: Digital Hygine

Style: Action

Michael Filaseta

Jared Smith

Corey Stevens

Tirso Perez

Philip Keep Carter

Ian T. Jamison

Alan Mayer

David Pierre

Sarah Rockstroh


A hack-n-slash game where the objective is to capture control points to raise your power core's shield regeneration rate to prevent the enemy from destroying your power core. Player's may approach a power core and destroy it with attacks. Players can attack via un-lockable and upgradable combos by pressing a series of buttons. Each side has minions that follow set paths to objectives and support players by attacking enemies and defending objectives. Players can purchase weapons, armor, and accessories to enhance their combat. Attacking enemies gives experience that levels up one of three skills: magic, melee, and defense.


Bring down the enemy power core's shield/health by attacking it. Capture control points around the map to boost your shields regeneration rate, preventing the enemy from destroying your power core.

Vision Statement

We the members of Digital Hygiene Games are committed to the objective of creating a fun and well-polished game project with a compelling narrative. This objective will be accomplished through cooperative teamwork, maintaining realistic project scope, and free opportunity for every member to share ideas and constructive criticism in an open-minded environment.


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