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Syst1 Fallen Lords IcoUp1

a furiously paced hack-n-slash battle between two rival champions of war, Helix and Vorros. Achieve ultimate domination over the endless horde of minions.

Syst2 Schlep's Labyrinth IcoUp2

Schlep has just fallen into the ruins of a crash space ship. Help our hero collect Batter-Bees, an electric insect that will help.

Syst3 King's Toll IcoUp3

Kings Toll is a third-person hack and slash , you play as King Ragnar. The overall goal of the game is to kill the Dragon Queen in the final area.

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Syst4 Operation BLAST IcoUp4

side-scrolling shoot em up where Barron and Claire shoot their way through an endless army of robots, wreaking havoc and trying to beat eachothers score.

Syst5 Kitchen Krasher IcoUp5

Slide as an ant through a high speed course filled with food and cookware towards the goal to achieve the highest score possible.

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Syst5 The Secret Tower IcoUp5

The Secret Tower is a 2D plateform game, you will have to save the princess Ericia, kept in The Secret Tower. The numerous floors are composed by blocks.

Syst7 Neo Slash IcoUp7

Run as fast as you can to get out of the city. On the way, you will face obstacles, monsters and enemies. Do your best to get out of the city before it is too late.

What are Browser Games ?

Browser games are computer games which typically can be played without any installation on your computer and at any place or time.

What are Downloads ?

They require the download and installation of a game client before you can start the game. This medium-size program saves all important data and allows the game to access the graphics card of your computer so it can use the power of your pc to display detailed graphics online. Also, many strategic and physical calculations are done by the game client. After the installation, every client game runs smoothly.

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