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Syst1 Kaolao IcoUp1

Kaolao is a PC platform/adventure game, played in third person view. It is also the name of a young Aztec shaman.

Syst2 Blank IcoUp2

Blank is a 2.5D platformer that has players take control of Blank, a polymorphic creature that must utilize absorbed animal abilities to navigate.

Syst3 Cast Away IcoUp3

Cast Away is a 3D real-time artillery game in which the player takes on the role of an eccentric sea-captain, stranded on a small tropical island.

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Syst4 Ginger Dead IcoUp4

You are trapped inside of a gingerbread house and needs to escape. They move from room to room patching walls to protect themselves from the swarm of evil candy.

Syst5 Doof n dash IcoUp5

You take control of a hungry, silly looking T-Rex dinosaur named Dash the Dino. Navigate through a semi-open world level consisting of multiple paths.

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Syst5 The Passage IcoUp5

You are a young man trying to earn your place in your tribe. Your task is to run and jump your way across a giant flying beast to slay it.

Syst7 Ango's Odyssey IcoUp7

Focus on exploration and solving challenges using the squad-based abilities you get from rescuing the villagers.

What are Browser Games ?

Browser games are computer games which typically can be played without any installation on your computer and at any place or time.

What are Downloads ?

They require the download and installation of a game client before you can start the game. This medium-size program saves all important data and allows the game to access the graphics card of your computer so it can use the power of your pc to display detailed graphics online. Also, many strategic and physical calculations are done by the game client. After the installation, every client game runs smoothly.

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