Operation B.L.A.S.T.

Operation BLAST is a side-scrolling shoot em up where Barron and Claire shoot their way through an endless army of robots, wreaking havoc and trying to beat eachothers score for most kills. Utilize weapons with alternate firing modes, and unleash devastating ultimate attacks to wreck more bots than your opponent.

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studio: Three Way Tie Studios

team: N2

Style: Arcade Shooter


TJ Farnie

Kahran Ghosalker

Tristan Helmink

Camron Weeks

Nicholas Guzman

Alex Hernandez

Andrew Kilmas

Hao Zhu Chen

Michael Herner











Operation BLAST is a competitive sidescroller with tons of shoot 'em up action. In the game, the player runs and guns through hordes of enemies while evading their attacks. To add to the action, players will split up and compete in their own separate planes, trying to best each other's scores.


The goal of the game is to best your opponent's score and complete the level. As you kill enemies, your score increases. Faster killing also allows for a score multiplier to build up, further increasing the points awarded for killing an enemy. Defeat the end boss

Vision Statement

Our vision as team N Squared is to create a game that will serve to display the astonishing talents and skills in the areas of programming and art through the development of a creative and enjoyable game. To meet this goal, we plan to create a game that is innovative and of exemplary quality. Furthermore we will implement quality assurance, quality control, and frequent debugging to accomplish our goals as well as creating a feasible schedule and holding to it as well as we can. Through dedication and hard work we plan to achieve our goal and present a game worthy of presenting during Final Project Presentation and to GP Staff.


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