Browser 1
Syst1 Neon Maze IcoUp1

3D Flash And Physic Game Where You Escape This Neon Maze By Moving The Ball.

Syst2 Dirk Valentine IcoUp2

Use you chain gun to create platforms to walk on in this steam-punk inspired airship platformer. Defeat Baron Battenberg in the Fortress of Steam.

Syst3 Run Ninja Run IcoUp3

Run Ninja Run Its time to run out of hostile territory. You will have to jump, slide and attack at the right time.

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Syst4 Granny Strikes Back IcoUp4

One day a flying saucer crashed near her house, and Granny's peaceful life came to an end…

Syst5 Treasure of Big Totem IcoUp5

Victoria meets Otto in the suspension bridge. But ... What happened to the bridge? Solve the mystery to find the next scroll.

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Syst6 Flying Candy IcoUp6

An extremely addictive chain reaction game with deep upgrade system and a lot of achievements.More bombs, more chains, more fun!

Syst7 GunBot IcoUp7

Gunbot is a kick-ass gun shooting action games with tons of upgrades, level-ups, shields and guns!

What are Browser Games ?

Browser games are computer games which typically can be played without any installation on your computer and at any place or time.

What are Downloads ?

They require the download and installation of a game client before you can start the game. This medium-size program saves all important data and allows the game to access the graphics card of your computer so it can use the power of your pc to display detailed graphics online. Also, many strategic and physical calculations are done by the game client. After the installation, every client game runs smoothly.

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